Act 15: Olivia

1355715139690.cachedDay 15 of my Acts of Kindness fell on my fiance’s 40th birthday. While waiting for a movie to start, we walked over to Applebee’s to grab a quick bite and decided to buy a gift card and anonymously gift it to a table. I let Scott take care of it since it was his birthday. Birthday’s are such a great time to give something to someone else! The manager walked the card over to the table of our choice: A mother with three kids. After we were done, Scott talked to his 9 year old son about what we did and I captured the conversation on video. The audio is not the best on this video, but you can still hear us! Thank you, Olivia, for giving us the inspiration to give a gift to another family on a day that was so special to ours.


Act 14: Jesse

jesse-lewis-1-420Act 14 was done very late at night. My friend Seth and I got off of work at around 1:30am and I needed to do an Act, so I asked him to go to a fast food restaurant with me so that I could pay for someone’s meal. We found a White Castle in an underprivileged area and a car pulled in behind us as we pulled up to the window. With perfect timing, the order taker made me wait until he had taken the order to pop his head out of the window.  I told him that I wanted to pay for the order he had just taken and why. He was very receptive and seemed eager to share with the next car why their meal had been purchased. Thank you, Jesse, for the smile you helped bring to the gentleman in line behind me, and the smile you brought to the White Castle employee, to me, and to Seth.

If you would like to make a donation in Jesse’s name, his family has established a memorial fund:

The Jesse Lewis Memorial Fund, care of Wells Fargo, 26 Church Hill Road, Newtown, CT 06470.

Or donate online at:

Act 13: Rachel

KNXV_Rachel_Davino_20121217105707_640_480Act 13 is dedicate to Rachel Davino. She worked with autistic children at Sandy Hook Elementary and lost her life trying to save the children in her class. She and her fiance made a time capsule on 12-12-12. For this project, she wrote the following words:

“It is my DREAM that you know my name as a leader in behavior analysis for children and adults with autism. However, I will be thrilled if I make a few people have an easier, more enjoyable life.”

Her name will always be known for her bravery in trying to save the children she taught.

Act 12: Victoria

Victoria Soto, in an undated handout photoAct 12 fell on New Year’s Eve and was dedicated to Jessica Soto. Jessica is one of the teachers who hid the kids in her classroom once the shooting began, and then tragically lost her life during this brave act. She is a hero, and one of her heroes called her mother after he found out she was a big Yankee’s fan. Pasted below is a link to an article that tells the story of Derek Jeter calling Victoria’s mother after Victoria’s funeral.

Click on this link to read the moving story about Derek Jeter’s Act of Kindness:

Derek Jeter Calls Victoria Soto’s Mother

I found information online for donations in Victoria’s honor:

The family has requested in lieu of flowers that donations be made to the Victoria L. Soto Memorial Fund for Education, through the Funeral Home. For more information or to make an online condolence please visit

Act 11: Emilie

ap_emilie_parker_kb_121215_wblogAct 11 is dedicated to Emilie Parker. My friend Sasha visited me at our place of employment one night and handed me two beautiful, thick, warm leather coats and asked me to give them away in honor of the 26 Acts of Kindness. On my way to work, I stopped at the underpass near the MLK Bridge and gave the coats and a few bucks to a guy who was on crutches. He couldn’t 27315_3895074386316_1336846687_ntake the coats and the light was still red so I hopped out and put them on the sidewalk for him. It was a very cold night so I know the coats were a blessing. Thank you, Sasha, for your donation to my 26 Acts of Kindness. And thank you, Emilie, for inspiring both me and Sasha to do something nice for a man that needed warmth on a bitter cold night.

If you wish to make a donation in Emilie’s honor, her family has set up a fund to assist the families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. To donate, go to:

Act 10: Dylan

dylanDylan Hockley was from England, and I am originally British, so I felt connected to this little one. We received three to four inches of snow last night, and I thought that my Act today would be feeding wild birds. The reason I chose this in honor of Dylan is I fed birds when I was young in the U.K., and we Brits have Trafalgar Square which is covered with birds! So, I bought some wild bird seed and I will buy a bird feeder and continue to feed them while thinking about Dylan.

Dylan had autism, and a fund has been set up in his name to benefit children with autism and other special needs children as well. Below, you can find a link to a page that was set up in his and Anne Marie Murphy’s honor, and the address to donate to his fund as well.

Dylan Hockley Memorial Fund34 Charter Ridge Drive, Sandy Hook, CT 06482. You can also donate to the Dylan Hockley Memorial Fund online at this link.

Dylan Hockley and Anne Marie Murphy

Act 9: Jessica

jessica-rekos.380My Act 9 was dedicated to Jessica Rekos. Jessica loved horses but I could not pull off a kind act for a horse today, so I decided to find someone at my restaurant job that I thought would benefit from a contribution to their meal. I waited for the perfect person and a gentleman that I really like came in with a lady friend and I chose them. I was disappointed I could not make the contribution anonymously but, in a way, that is exactly what happened.

When he asked how much I owed him, I asked him if he had heard of the 26 Act of Kindness. He said, “How much do I owe you?”

I replied, “I’m gonna tell you. I just wanted to tell you about the 26 Acts of Kindness.”

He said, “So I owe you $26?” I couldn’t help but laugh and gave him his total less $25. I hope he carries Jessica’s spirit on and does something nice for someone today with the few extra bucks he has in his pocket.

Act 8: Chase

121712Chase_dngnkI am in Kansas City today and my act is in honor of Chase. From what I read, he LOVED going outdoors! My mom has neighbors that never leave their house. My mother has never actually seen them in three years. My step-dad saw them once. I left a book called “50 Things That Matter” on their porch (I originally put it in their mailbox but realized that wasn’t a good idea). Hopefully the book touches them in some way, and I hope that Chase inspires them to go outside and get to know those around them, if they desire to do so.

I read a very touching article about Sandy Hook tributes from sports figures and teams. One football team wore the last names of the Sandy Hook children who lost their lives in this tragedy. The picture in the article was the jersey with Chase’s last name. A link to the article is here: Honoring Sandy Hook


Act 7: Daniel

daniel-bardenToday’s Act is dedicated to Daniel Barden. Daniel wanted to be a firefighter, and when other firefighters found out about this little boy’s dream, they traveled from pretty far to attend his funeral. Daniel touched the hearts of men and women in the profession he wanted to someday join.

A fund has been set up for the Barden Family if you wish to make a donation. You can find the fund here:

Barden Family Fund

If you wish to make a donation to Backstoppers, you can do so by visiting:

Act 6: Mary

marysherlach_2428763bToday is Christmas, and by a coincidence, today’s Act is for Mary. I am going in order of the candle pictures, and Mary was next. Now that I have read more about her, she is a perfect choice for such a special day. Mary’s bravery during the shooting cost her her life as she tried to stop the gunman. Today, my Act was to give the gift of giving as Mary gave her life trying to give others the chance to live theirs.

I went to Walgreens and purchased items to place into two gift bags. Then, I went to find a homeless person to give the bags to. One of the bags was for them, and the other was for them to give to someone else, so that they could give a gift to someone on Christmas.